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  • Favorite Words Update:


    Favorite Words is taking off! Thousands of members, tones of new features, and some love from major media.

  • Russian Models Update:


    A major change is planned for Russian Models. Stay tuned for the new launch that might go viral.

  • 3 Smart Cubes:


    We are celebrating 10 years in business for 600+ tests to help you know and improve yourself.

Shavkat .COM!

We focus primarily on acquiring, partnering with, and investing in promising websites. If you own one, let us know and you might get a good deal.

At Shavkat .com, we know how to help websites succeed through digital marketing, SEO, web research, analytics, lead generation, advertising, redesign, growth hacking, data science, link building, social media, online reputation management, and monetization.

Fresh Ideas That Work:

We design and develop web startups from our own fresh innovative ideas.

Our sites are more efficient, better optimized, fully monetized, faster running, and they meet current web standards. We bring a new vision to the Internet, build online success, and get top results! - it all starts here!